The solstice of the summer of 2020 has come and gone and we at Bike Denali feel this is a good time to bring a message to our customers, as well as other bikers.  Get out in the midnight sun.  It’s a message that resonates with any seasoned Alaskan, because this is our time of year to shine.  Many visitors, consumed with busy days of traveling, will remain on their normal schedule and miss this opportunity.  But you’re here and you want the genuine experience, so maybe stay up late,  at least one night.  When you do, get on your bike and ride.  In Denali Park, even on the well traveled road in the front country, you’ll find you have the road almost entirely to yourself.  It is spectacular in a way you must experience to understand.  But we don’t encourage missing sleep, so perhaps take an afternoon siesta.  And if you don’t know where to go or what to do?  Ask us when you’re here, we’ve got some good ideas.