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Bike Denali

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Explore Denali by Bicycle

Denali National Park Bike Rentals

Providing you personal insight and
a private vehicle in Denali National Park

When visiting Alaska, experiencing solitude is important to gain an understanding of the land and place.   Independence, a quality which defines the state, reflects upon this understanding.  Visitors to Denali National Park who are equipped with local knowledge and the appropriate gear will be rewarded with a richer and more fulfilling experience.  At Bike Denali, our goal is to assist our customers with insight and resources that heighten the Denali Experience.


Bike Denali NationalPark Alaska

Discover Denali on Two Wheels

Our bikes are a critical resource that we offer, and at Bike Denali we take that seriously.  Our equipment is well conceived, carefully maintained and conveniently available.  But we feel that the insight we offer and the experience we accentuate are equally as important when considering the value we bring to our customers.

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Denali National Park can be a pinnacle human experience.  Let Bike Denali be your vehicle to the top.



Rent an e-bike from Bike Denali and discover the perfect way to explore the front country of Denali National Park! Steep hills? No problem, our e-bikes will let you charge right up! We have a fleet of e-bikes in both step-through and step-over models. These amazing machines will allow you to experience Denali like never before. 

Choose our 4-hour or 8-hour Front Country e-bike packages to enjoy the 32 mile round trip ride to Savage River and back and enjoy activities along the paved portion of the Park Road near the entrance. 

Our Back Country e-bike package options range from 12 to 72 hours. These e-bikes allow exploration deeper into the park can be transported on transit or shuttle buses. You have the option to rent additional batteries. E-bike packages for 24 hours and longer include a battery charger.


Denali Bike Rentals Park Road Package

If you want independence and flexibility within Denali National Park, our Bikepacking Outfits are for you!

Denali Park Road packages include a Trek Marlin mountain bike with a rear rack, choice of panniers, bear spray, helmet, repair kit, rain poncho and car rack. A handlebar cradle and bear can included for campers. The 24 minimum rental is A 24 hour rental allows you to see Denali Park up to Mile 43 where the road is closed to vehicle traffic. Longer term rentals expand your opportunity for bikepacking and camping in Denali Park beyond the road closure. Our Park Road Package is a great way to discover the beautiful wild country of Denali beyond the front country paths.

Bike Denali can assist you with your back country trip planning and provide outfitting to carry your camping gear. We also offer transit bus tickets.

Gravel Bikes

gravel ike rentals Denali National Park

For experienced riders, gravel bikes are a fun Park option. Rental options of 24 hours to 72 hours offer riders opportunities to cover a lot of ground along the Park Road. They can easily be transported on your own vehicle or on shuttle and transit buses.

Our Marin Gestalt X-10 gravel bikes are equipped with drop bars and wide range 1×10 drive trains. Each gravel bike package includes a helmet, lock, handlebar bag, bear spray, repair kit, and car rack.

Day Bike Options

8 hour bike rentals Denali National Park

Our 8 hour day bike rentals allow you to enjoy a full day of independence in Denali Park! You can load your bike on a shuttle bus or transit bus to explore the Park road up to the road closure at mile 43.

You can choose either a Trek mountain bike or a Marin gravel bike. All of our 8 hour Denali Park Road packages include a helmet, lock, bear spray, repair kit, and car rack. A mountain bike rental includes a rear rack and small pannier. The gravel bike rental includes a handlebar bag.

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