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Discover Denali National Park on an eBike
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e-Bike Rentals

Explore Denali by e-Bike

Rent an e-bike from Bike Denali and discover the perfect way to explore the front country of Denali National Park!

Steep hills? No problem, our e-bikes will let you charge right up! We have a fleet of e-bikes in both the step-through and step-over models. These amazing machines will allow you to experience Denali like never before. Leave right from Bike Denali and pedal yourself into paradise, these bikes will allow you to ride in pace with the slow traffic of Park Road. Go to Savage River and beyond with ease, and be back in time for dinner! Bikes come with racks, panniers, bear spray & holder, lock, helmet and quality rain gear.

Front County E-Bikes

Front Country eBikes
Our short term eBike rentals let you enjoy a fulfilling experience of Denali’s front country. A one mile ride from our location to the Park Entrance. A 32 mile round trip to Savage River and back takes about 2 1/2 hours. Our 4-hour Front Country eBike rental allows time to stop along the way and visit an attraction like Horseshoe Lake, the sled dog kennel, or the Morino Grill near the visitor center. Choose the 8-hour Front Country eBike experience to have more time to experience several of these attractions or explore the Riley Creek Trail.

Our Front County rentals feature Denago eBikes with comfortable step through frames. Each rental includes helmet, lock, rack, panniers, bear spray with handlebar mount and a quality two piece rain suit.

Back Country E-Bikes

8 hour bike rentals Denali National Park
Choose one of our Backcountry eBike rental packages to explore deeper into Denali Park. Travel beyond Mile 15 of the Park road up to the road closure at mile 42. Our longer term rentals of 12 to 72 hours provide you with a quality Aventon Level eBikes with either standard or step through frames. These amazing machines allow you to experience Denali like never before. These eBikes can be transported on shuttle buses and transit buses.

Back country eBike rentals come with helmet, lock, rack, panniers, bear spray with handlebar mount and a quality two piece rain suit. You have the option to rent extra batteries to extend your exploration. Rentals of 24 hours and longer include battery chargers.

Let Us Help Plan Your Denali Visit

Bike Denali has many years of exploring Denali National Park on two wheels. We can help you plan your e-bike ride to get the most from your discovery of Denali Park. We know the routes and attractions that can best be visited from our convenient location along the bike path just one mile from the park entrance.

Please call us at (907) 378-2107 or email us at bikedenalirentals@gmail.com with questions.