Discover Denali by Bicycle

Bikepacking in Denali National Park

Bikepacking in Denali National Park

Providing you personal insight and
a private vehicle in Denali National Park

When visiting Alaska, experiencing solitude is important to gain an understanding of the land and place.   Independence, a quality which defines the state, reflects upon this understanding.  Visitors to Denali National Park who are equipped with local knowledge and the appropriate gear will be rewarded with a richer and more fulfilling experience.  At Bike Denali, our goal is to assist our customers with insight and resources that heighten the Denali Experience.


Bikepacking Denali Park Road
Bike Denali NationalPark Alaska

Going Beyond the Landslide

For the 2024 season, Bike Denali will be focusing our bikepacking rentals on outfitting to go around the closure and access 50 miles of bicycle exclusive road through Denali Park’s amazing wilderness backcountry. Minimum time necessary to do this trip is 48 hours and the preparation is more involved than a simple day trip. This experience is worth the effort and starting at $150 for all inclusive outfitting, we know our clients will be more than satisfied!

Denali Road Package


If you want independence and flexibility within Denali National Park,
our Denali Park Road Package is for you!

Package includes a Trek Marlin mountain bike with a rear rack, choice of panniers, bear spray, helmet, repair kit, rain poncho and car rack. A handlebar cradle and bear can included for campers. Use the Park’s transit and shuttle buses to move two bikes per bus to locations up to mile 43 in the Park. Our Park Road Package is a great way to discover the beautiful wild country of Denali beyond the front country paths.

Longer Term Rentals are Perfect
to Explore Beyond the Road Closure

Longer term rentals expand your opportunity for discovery in Denali Park! We can help you plan your camping trips, whether at campgrounds or backcountry camping beyond the closure at mile 43.

Whether you are interested in biking a stretch of the Denali Park Road for a day, or exploring deep into the park beyond where you can go by bus  or car, let BikeDenali outfit your bikepacking experience.

Contact us for answers to your questions and help in planning your visit.


24 Hour Denali Road Package

A 24 hour rental allows you to see Denali Park up to Mile 43 where the road is closed to vehicle traffic. Park shuttle and transit buses each have two bike racks to transport riders to and from great bike riding in this area. The free shuttles buses go as far as mile 15 (Savage River) and are not reserved. Transit buses go to Mile 43 and the 2 bike slots available on each bus must be reserved by calling 1-800-622-7275. More info on transit buses on

48 Hour Denali Road Package

Our 48 hour package is the minimum we recommend for those going around the landslide closure in the Park. Email for answers to your questions.

72 Hour Denali Road Package

Our 72 hour package is the perfect amount of time for a lively trip around the closure and also couples well with Denali Park’s special 3 day Teklanika campground driving permit allowance. Email for answers to your questions.

96 Hour Denali Road Package

Our 96 hour package is the right amount of time to ride the entire Park Road to Wonder Lake and Kantishna and back. Buses can still be used to expediate the first 43 miles and allow you to spend more time in the backcountry. Email for answers to your questions.

Let Bike Denali Gear You Up

Bike Denali can outfit you for an intimate, personal experience of Denali National Park. Our mountain bike rentals include the gear you need to explore Denali by bicycle.

Each Denali Road Package includes:

  • Panniers
  • High Visibility bear spray holder and bear spray
  • Helmet
  • Bike lock
  • Emergency bike repair kit with an extra tube and pump
  • Emergency rain poncho.
  • Pant cuff band
  • Padded Seat Cover (optional)

Ask us about optional gear for extended trips, including handle bar cradles, bear canisters, high volume panniers or a Burley trailer capable of carrying your backpacking gear and food.

Please call us at (907) 378-2107 or email us at with questions.