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Discover Denali National Park on a Bike
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Explore Denali Independently

Denali National Park has limited road access; there is only one road in The Park. The 92 mile Park road runs from the entrance at mile 237 of the George Parks Highway to Kantishna, serving more than 6 million acres of designated wilderness area. Since private motorized vehicles are only allowed on the first 15 miles of the road, independent travel within the Park is very limited. While the bus service inside the Park offers convenience and mobility, users are limited in their access to solitude and independence. Those who seek independence within Denali National Park are left with two options: Hiking and Biking.

Access Denali with a Bike Shuttle

The bus system is an integral part of almost every Denali Park experience. The bus will bring visitors to where they will begin biking and there are two bike slots on the front of every Denali Park transit or shuttle bus to facilitate bringing bikers to their chosen starting points.  It’s easy to catch a bus for the return trip, also.

Discover the Best of Denali

Bike Denali cannot promote honestly that biking is more worthwhile than hiking during a visitor’s time in Denali Park; both are wonderful experiences. An awareness that we promote, however, is that bikes have their benefit in Denali amongst a wide array of users. Bikes are a good way to scout the road. Whether looking for potential hikes or just getting a general lay of the land, a bike will take you further and get you there on your own schedule. Someone wanting to tackle the entire road by themselves can achieve that with an optional camping package. Those who just want a leisurely ride through Shangri La can choose to dayride one of the longer downhill sections of the road. A multi-day bike/bus tour of the Park can be designed, we call it “Cherry Picking the Park”.